18th Noytube Gathering

I've known this group of Pinoys on Youtube, known as the Noytube group, since 2008. NOYTUBE was coined by Jason Telmo aka Chinaeyes22 and existed only on Youtube itself. I met up with Jason 5 years ago and I have met up with him and other Noytubers on two occasions: 8th Noytube Gathering with me and 10th Noytube Gathering - both at SM Mall of Asia. And boy... I'm so glad that I got to spend time with them again... meeting other Noytube superstars --- the 18th Noytube Gathering this time at the Enchanted Kingdom! Here is the FUN video that Jason Telmo did to remember the exciting meetup. But if you want, you can click HERE to see the annotations and view it on HD.

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