Sometimes, Silence Can Be So Good

Sometimes, silence can be good. And a very long silence can be ohhhh sooooo good. But first, I would like to apologize for hibernating for the longest time! I have a lot of great reasons why I never had time to blog was when we went skiing in Beijing and I'm very sure you will all understand why once you hear them all.

My mind is preoccupied by a lot of things most of the time. The only quiet time that I have is when I sleep or when I do my business in the toilet! Stopping our job as a duo in Shangri-La Hotel Beijing might be a good break from the monotonous daily life that we've been having for the longest time. We have contemplated on this decision for a long time. We didn't stop because we got bored or we don't need jobs anymore or we have enough 'ipon'. We went back home to Manila to be with our daughter - that's the main reason. She's been growing up and certainly needs guidance because she will be in high school in June. And surprisingly with that, we were greeted with different opportunities - left and right. You can't imagine how wonderful and amazing things have been for us day by day that I get really excited every time the phone rings or every time I get a message or a mail. Good news and blessings just keep on pouring... how can I not be thankful for that? :)

I would like to share with you the key highlights of the past six weeks that happened to us in a series of blog posts. But even though I've been quiet here in my blog, I never stopped posting tweets on Twitter and posting updates on Facebook. So if you're following my posts in any of the those sties, you should have already been updated with the biggest things that are happening to us. :)

But hey, I'm back to blogging and I'm very excited and can't wait to share all the great things to all of you! And yes, I'm definitely BACK in the Philippines and I'm soooo thankful for all the blessings that we have! :)

UPDATE: I just realized that this is my first blog post for 2012! LOL!

Finally with my mini-me :)

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