The Wrong Selena

In 2008, I posted a video of my 9-year-old-then daughter Selena singing the song "And I'm Telling You" from the musical/movie Dreamgirls. It was her grand final performance in her school's contest where she won the second place. It was the first singing contest she had ever joined, so getting the second place was really a big surprise for us.

Three years later, the video is still getting views more than ever. Apparently, the fans of the famous teen star Selena Gomez have mistakingly viewed my daughter's video, thinking it was THEIR Selena's video. The comments are just soooo funny (see the comments here)! They've been debating about it and now the video is ACCIDENTALLY garnering more than 42,000 views!

Anyway, here is my daughter Selena's video when she was still 9 years old... she surely has come a long way since then. I'm so proud of my mini-me! :)

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Robert Nacion said...

hahaha binasa ko nga mga comments.. at madami ding pumuri.. maganda at magaling naman talaga ang mini-me me.. goldmine siya he he! -trebornoican