Time to cheer up Omlet Nosaj! :)

I'm so glad to have been a part of this huge Filipino community on Youtube - NOYTUBE - for a couple of years now. And whenever I am asked to join a video collab (short for collaboration), I'm more than eager to join in especially if I'm asked by my good friend and father of Noytube, Jason Telmo. I always have time for friends. :)

This is the Cheer Up Collab by my idol bestfriend, Jason Telmo (chinaeyes22). His alter ego, Omlet Nosaj (his name spelled backwards - gets?), who is a sorcerer, was sad and depressed and needed to be cheered up. So we did our part to show him that he is loved by us. :)

This is quite a long video but it's worth to watch the whole of it. It really hilarious and entertaining and Jason really did a great job in editing it. He works for ABS-CBN and his pro skills are obvious in every video that he does on Youtube, especially on this one. If you want to skip to my part, jump to frame 8:38. I also have a part towards the end (frame 9:56) and with the other girls (frame 10:00). But please do try to watch the whole video and view the comments HERE. :)

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