Celebrating CNY in our cozy room

Because there was scarcity in taxis on the road earlier today, hubby and I decided not to go to Tiananmen Square and celebrate it instead in our hotel room. As early as 8PM, the fireworks display infront of the hotel have been nonstop. And much to our excitement by midnight, we realized that we made the right decision to stay in the room. We actually have a fantastic view of fireworks right by our window! The photos that I have shared here are the best photos my iPhone can take (I took some HD videos of it, too), but you've got to believe me that the view was really awesome! And from midnight, it still went on for more than 45 minutes now. Yes, there are still lots of fireworks going on as of this writing. What a great way to celebrate the cold CNY in my tank top and shorts! :)

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