Biking on ice (frozen lake)

Badeedadee & me
Since hubby saw the frozen lake at the Zizhuyuan Park last weekend, he couldn't stop talking about it. He knows how I love ice skating or just being on ice. So today we went to the park to see what's in there. 

The Zizhuyuan Park is a 10 minute walk from the hotel. The weather was fine and warmer at 8C. There were different sections of the frozen lake: for chair ski, bike (or unicycling), and for ice skating. What got me interested was the bike on ice. It's more suitable to be called unicycling because there was only one wheel at the back and an ice skate blade on the front to maneuver where you'd want to go. It was pretty exciting. I only paid for RMB30 for a 30 minute unicycling on ice. I'm definitely going back there with friends soon! :)

Where's the sun? Theeeere...
Look Ma, no hands! :)
Feeling like a kid all over again!
Ice bikes for RMB30 for 30 minutes

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