Unwell... again

I fell ill again. Yes, again. I was hospitalized for chronic urinary tract infection (UTI) on Monday morning. It's not new to me, I usually have it every year like an anniversary gift or something. But the last time it was severe like this was when I was hospitalized in KL back in 2004. That was the time when I knew about my shrunken right kidney.

So about 5 days ago, I felt a mild pain in peeing until it worsened through the weekend and I ended up being disabled last Sunday because of pain in my right torso, throbbing headache, and high fever. I was so thankful though that it was our offday when it happened. I was rushed to the China-Japan Friendship Hospital (as suggested by my singer-friend Rhea Palma) on Monday morning and was accompanied by our bar manager. I was directed to the International Medicine Department where they took my urine sample and was prescribed with some strong antibiotics by drips (IV transfusion). I was then discharged by lunch and was prescribed some oral antibiotics that I'd be taking for the next 2 weeks. The good thing is I was not asked to go back anymore. :)

Oh yes, I performed as usual on Monday night though with less movements and less powerful songs. With a throbbing headache and a slightly off-shape out-of-poise body onstage, I was able to make it through the night. The stage is indeed my healing ground. Clinically proven and tested. By me. LOL. But what happened the moment I left the stage? My fever went up again to 38.5 and had to endure another uncomfortable sleep. 

I feel better when I woke up today (Tuesday) than I did the past few days. Only got slight fever, but my taste buds are back to normal and I'm 'feeling' hungry again. My appetite is back, weeee! And yes, I think I'm on my road to recovery now. 

It shouldn't be a surprising news to most of my friends who already know about my health history with asthma, primary complex, angina pectoris, inguinal hernia, euthyroid cyst, shrunken right kidney, and this chronic urinary tract infection (UTI). A walking disaster, yes, you can say that again. But I'm thankful that I'm still able to touch others' lives in my own way while I'm still alive. It definitely makes life worth living. :)

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