Sars the dressmaker? Why not!

When I'm really bored, this is what I do...  on TwitpicI have always been fascinated with fashion since I was a small girl. I wasn't the fashionista kind or girl who would always wear what's in. In fact, I was a boyish teen back then who liked to dress comfortably. Whenever I'm back home in tropical Manila or Cebu, I usually wear shorts, skirts and tank tops. But when there are special occasions or even nights out with some close friends, I like to dress something... uhmmm... dressy. And of course, I'd like to wear something glamorous when I do my photoshoots - as expected.

I design my own clothes when I have the chance. When I was back in Shanghai, I used to have a tailo, Mr. Gao, who would do exactly just the way I designed my gowns. Language was a big problem back then as I spoke very little Mandarin and he spoke ONLY Mandarin. He would only charge me RMB40-50 for a gown, depending on its complexity. I wonder if he's still making clothes in Shanghai.

Now that I have my own portable sewing machine - thanks to hubby - I can start making my own dresses. But yeah, I'll start with something simple. Like repairing some of our clothes. Time to dig into the luggage and find some clothes with holes. LOL.

But I promise, I will make my own dress from scratch soon. Anyway, dressmaking is one on the things I'd like to do this year. Wish me luck! :)

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Jay Ismail said...

is there anything that u cannot do? LOL