Bloopers: Song Requests

I love funny people and hilarious moments. As entertainers, we have lots of bloopers on and off stage. And one of them is so inevitable - when we get funny song requests being requested for us to perform. So I just thought of starting a post about BLOOPERS series on different things and let me start off with Song Requests. I will try to update this blog every time I'll have a new thing to share on this post.

These are just for laughs. We don't mean to mock on anyone. These are first-hand experiences by me and my band.

  • In Beijing, someone came up to the stage and asked if we can play "New York, New York". I belted out the classic broadway hit originally from Frank Sinatra. He shook his head. I thought he shook his head because he was "feeling" the music. Then he handed me a paper that read "Empire State of Mind" by Alicia Keys. LOLLL.
  • In KL, a guest handed a request onstage that read "Proper Face". I looked at my band and with my saliva bursting out of laughter, I realized she was requesting for "Poker Face". I couldn't make it through the song without laughing when it gets to the part when I had to repeat the phrase "Po-po-po-poker face".
  • In Beijing, a staff went to the stage and told us that a guest was requesting for "Morning I Can Say". I told her we don't play that song, thinking the guest meant "Morning Has Broken". But the staff insisted that we do play this song - all the time. I got intrigued. She suddenly sang "Woh-oh-woh, yeah-yeah... I love you morning I can say". She meant "More Than I Can Say". LOL.
  • In Shanghai, someone requested for "Shalalala". We played "Shalala" by the Dreamhouse. The guest meant "Every shalala, every woh-hoh-hoh... still shines", a line from the song "Yesterday Once More" by the Carpenters.
  • And in Beijing, a kid requested for "Shalala" during our 1st set. Because we haven't played it for such a long time & forgot the words to it, we spent our 1st break searching for the lyrics online & wrote the lyrics in a paper. Then we started our 2nd set with it. Turns out... the kid was requesting for Carpenter's Yesterday Once More "Every shalalala... every woh-hoh-woh-hoh..." Hahahahaha! TOINK!
  • In Beijing, my eyes teared up from laughing onstage because I got a request "Smoke Gas In Your Eyes". LOL. That must have been a painful prank, eh? :)
  • There are song titles that are easy to identify because they are always repeated in the song. But there are songs like "Unchained Melody" that never mentioned a thing about an unchained melody within the song. So we get requests like "Oh My Love" (pertaining to its first line) and "Unchange Melody". The funniest was when got a request called "The Gos", then erased it and wrote "The Goes". TOINK!!!
  • The song Casablanca is one of the all-time favorites here in China and we usually know what they meant when they request this to us. But there was a time when a guest told me he wants "Casabank". Wasn't sure then if he wanted to get some cash in a bank. LOL.
  • We all know that "Anak" is the most famous Filipino song internationally. But sometimes we do get requests like "Anuck", "Anna", or they'd say "Anax". I'm sure Freddie Aguilar wouldn't like his song to be "an ax". LOL. And sometimes, they just request a song by the artist named Freddie Aguilera. Related to Christina Aguilera, eh? Wahahaha!
  • I remember one time, a yuppie came up to and asked if I can sing a song from Nojo. It was out first set and we were playing in the lobby, so I thought he was requesting for a dance song from Modjo so I immediately apologized to him. Then he said, "Anything! Maybe 'Don't Know Why' or 'Come Away With Me'?". Ahhhh, Norah Jones. That was way too slang, man!
OH MAN! These funny memories made me laugh while reminiscing them. There are a lot more bloopers that I can't think of right now so I'm pretty sure this post will be updated once I remember them - or once there are new bloopers. So keep on checking, aight? :)


yayiemai said...

OMG i can't stop laughing reading this blog! im crying hahahaha

Admin said...

bwahahahaha!!! panalo sa mga request sis!!! Keep posting, I love reading your blog! Lab shu! :)