The dark horse topped the CCF Photo Exhibit... as a photographer

Contrary to everyone's knowledge, I'm not just a face infront of the lens. Few years ago, I used to take snapshots on street photography using just a point-and-shoot camera. I am not a technical photographer who would be worried about exposures and settings. I'm more of a someone who wants to capture the very moment. And street photography was a great way to train my eyes and reflexes with. You can never make those street children hold their poses and do what you wanted them to do. But that was like four to five years ago.

Few weeks ago, I was just invited by my friend Claire and my hubby Marl to join the Pasig River Photowalk organized by Christ's Commission Fellowship (CCF) for their project called CCF Cares. I think I was the only participant who was not a "photographer", as all of them were either professional photographers like Badeedadee Marl, Derrick Lim, and Alex Ruelo or those attending photography workshops and classes. In short, I'm the only who doesn't know anything about the DSLR that I was holding - except to aim it at the subject and click the shutter. I went there to join in the fun, meet new friends and to support my husband Marl and friend Claire and was even joking to them that my "bara-bara" shots will be chosen over theirs - because I'm the ONLY non-photography buff there. LOL.

The aim of the said photowalk is to showcase images where "God is needed". Only 20 photos would be chosen to be put in a photo exhibit and there were around 20 photographers who joined the photowalk - and we already have foreseen that each of us will have a chosen shot for the exhibit. We were asked to submit our best 5 shots for the contest. Out of the 20 photos chosen for the exhibit, the chosen winning shot would to be printed on a 24" x 36" canvas, while others would be printed on 24" x 36" matte photo paper.

And what happened next was truly unexpected and unbelievable. I got a call from Claire that she got an update from the organizer that Marl's three shots were chosen for the exhibit - yeheyyy! And the best part? Two of my shots were chosen and one of them was the TOP PLACER!!! Wooooohooooo! Who would have thought that a non-photography buff like who just borrowed the backup DSLR of her husband would have shots included in a photo exhibit and would have the winning shot? Call it "chamba" but yes, the dark horse did it all! :)

Guess it's time to update my CV and add 'photography' as one of my passions and add 'photographer' under my belt of careers. Thank you CCF and to Claire who invited us!

The shots below are only of our photos which were included in the CCF Exhibit at St. Francis Square. Please enjoy! :)
My winning shot named "Rubbles" printed on a canvas
My other chosen shot named "Underage, Underpaid"

Badeedadee Marl with his chosen photos named "Age Doesn't Matter",
"Worried for Tomorrow", and "Water For Life"
Badeedadee Marl's winning shots


bev said...

wow! congrats to both of u sarita! nice to see in CCF....

Jay Ismail said...

wow~! so proud of u guysss~!! hey marl..u better get urself a new pro body and gave ur nikon to ur wife..hahahaha

Mhel said...

Wow! Congratulations!!! You really make a great pair and team :)

~*.*~ SaRiTa ~*.*~ said...

Thank you guys! :)
@Jay - ask marl what he got for himself before we left KL. shhhhhh, don't tell him i told you. hahaha!

MelFay said...

wow!!! congrats sis!!! and kuya too!


Anonymous said...

wow!!!!!and wooooooooooowww!!!!!!its not chamba have it!!!---all the talent!!!!go!go!go!!!so proud of you guys!!!More power and God bless!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Sarita and Marlou! Glad you were able to join CCF's photoshoot (our homechurch in Manila) --- and to share with us these images that you captured. Awesome!

Charmie <3