Our condo unit is ready again

We have a small loft-type unit at California Garden Square (CGS) in Mandaluyong City. Honestly, since we bought it in 2006, we haven't had the chance to actually live in it because we always travel. Besides, the revenue its generating every month can cover the expenses and utilities that we pay for.

Our long-time tenants didn't finish their 3rd year contract and ended it in April. So I was told by my real estate agent that there are some stuff to fix in it before we can have rented out again. But I told her that I'll be putting it on hold since we're going to go back to Manila in August anyway.

So when we arrived in Manila, I formed a small group of people, headed by my brothers, to clean our unit. I contacted a CGS insider to take care of the repainting of the walls and minor fixes. We paid P23,000 for the whole thing. After a few days, our condo looked as good as new. We thought of using our own unit instead of staying at my mom's apartment in Paco, Manila so we can start living on our own, but it would be useless since we only get to go back once a year. Guess it's better for it to generate a monthly income.

The California Garden Square is situated along Libertad Street cor Calbayog Street. You can see the sample units and amenities on their website. If you know someone who wants to rent a 2 bedroom & 2 toilet/bathrooms unit, please leave your name and contact details at the comments so I can have my agent to get in touch with you.

UPDATE as of Oct 26, 2010: It's not for rent anymore. We're comfortably living in it now and we're happy about it. :)

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