Time to say goodbye to The Pub

It has been such a great 6-month period at The Pub, and another great contract with the Shangri-La Hotel KL for the 7th time overall!

I remember very well that when we first started playing at there, expectations were set very high as we have replaced its resident band for the past 3 years, D'Adza Band. Of course it was at first stressful on our part because we were so used
to play at the lobby lounge but soon enough, we were able to adjust ourselves and got into the rhythm of fun. We have met lots of great new friends and have had lots of fun especially in the weekends.

Our last 2 night performances were a lot of fun, especially on our last night performance. As expected, I got drunk from the mix of drinks that I had: tequila, red wine, champagne, whiskey, the killer "blowjob" courtesy of The Pub staff. It was fun but it wasn't fun the day after with a hangover. LOL

Gonna miss the fun and the people at The Pub. Really time to say goodbye...

PS: Thanks Chef Nizam for the cake! :)

Here are couple videos taken by my friend Reen.

Marthy sings "Hero" by Mariah Carey then Sarita sings "Baby" by Justin Bieber...

Marthy with "Sweet Dreams" > Sarita with "Waka Waka" > Sarita with "Nobody"

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When will you be back?