One more day in Kuala Lumpur

This might be my last blog while I'm in KL this time around. And it really makes me feel sad. I hate goodbyes. I know I shouldn't be all mushy and stuff because I've been traveling for the past 13 years and I face the same moment almost every half a year. But this time is so much different.

This year has been the BEST YEAR for Marl and I, career-wise. This trip has given us lots of opportunities to prove our worth. Just to round it up, these are the things that recently happened in KL.
  • Working with top photographers in Malaysia and being the model of the photography workshop of the world-renown famous Filipino photographer, Manny Librodo, in June and July.
  • Appearing in HerWorld magazine August issue for a beauty spread.
  • Being the endorser/spokesperson for the beauty product, Dr.TaizĂ© Sheep Placenta Plus
  • Being the "supposed" model in myBATIK magazine Aug-Sept issue (don't know whatever happened to that LOL)
  • Having had a successful concert Pinoy Rockin' Rollin' in 08-08-10
  • Posing for the upcoming mall Space U8 in Shah Alam (on a huge billboard!)

We have met lots of great people and rekindled with those old ones we have lost touch with. And best of all, we have made great friends with a few special people - and that's more important for us than anything else in this world and something that money can't buy. 

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Melanie or Melfay for always being there and for being the efficient little sister that we never had... we love you. For your uploaded videos of the band which has helped us a lot, thanks. For being Selena's big sister and for spoiling her with ice cream when I'm not around, thanks you. To your family, Melinda, Megdalyn, Michael, Jacy and the 2 little boyfriends of mine, thank you for the thorough support you've shown, not only to the band, but to each of us, especially to Aretha. You guys are our family here in KL. I love you guys!

To Reen, my best buddy this time around and my fighting dude (LOL), really thank you for the times we've shared, we've laughed, we've whined about things, etc. For the support all the way, from waking up in the early morning just to pick us up because of our crazy photoshoots up to the time for being there when I want to just release my angst by biting you and "clawing" you. LOL. For letting me sleep in your car and letting Marl do his "Farmville" nap behind. For assisting me in most of my shoots, for driving us around and getting lost in the highway somewhere, for carrying my heavy bags, for removing the dandruff from my hair (hahaha), not to mention your presence almost every night at the Pub to support our band... thank you sooooo much. I love you to the bits!

(Sorry I just couldn't help it. I'm now in tears and I just tweeted about it.)

To Kuya Terry and Imelda, thank you for all the words of wisdom and for all the help you have given us, especially the love you've shown to Selena - even though your very own daughter Jasmine gets jealous of the attention you give to my daughter (hahaha!), thank you! For all the doors of opportunities you have shown and given to us, we will forever be so grateful for that.

To the Shangri-La KL management especially to those in the front desk, concierge, and The Pub staff, thanks for all the support. To our guests at The Pub, to my tweethearts in KL, and to those who have always requested the best songs for us to sing every night - thank you so much!

To all the friends we have made through photography and modeling, to all who have given us a fair chance to show what we can do, and to all who have supported Marl in his Badeedadee Photography and who have supported my modeling by buying the magazine I appear in and appreciating our works of art, you guys are our inspiration. Thank you so much!

To those who have attended my recent successful show Pinoy Rockin' Rollin' - maraming salamat po, especially to those behind it. And most specially to my 'manager', Mrs. Cherina Chacko - thank you for believing in me. To everyone who has been part of our lives this time around in KL, TERIMA KASIH!

Looking at the brighter side of things, we're finally flying home to Manila! Tomorrow, we'll see our little princessette, Selena. I would love to do some shoots and some gigs so if any of you guys have anything for me, leave me a message.

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