Happy "BuddyDaddy's" Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the loving, hard-working, responsible, sweet, caring, understanding, generous fathers in the world! To all fathers who DON'T fit in the bill and are completely opposite of the things I just mentioned, it sucks to be your kid. LOL.

And to my husband Marl and whom Selena regarded to as her "buddy-daddy" (where the name BadeeDadee was actually derived from)... Happy Buddy-Daddy's Day to you! Your daughter adores you so much for being the best buddy-daddy in the whole wide world. We love you!

Below is a classic picture of Marl and Selena taken 11 years ago...

UPDATE: Distance is never a problem for a family that is closer by heart. Here's Selena's hand-made gift card to her dad on this Father's Day. :)

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eoz said...

Happy father's day!