ManU wins, Sars wins

I'm so used to entering my workplace (The Pub) with heads turning and hearing the guests say "oh, that's the singer". But tonight, nobody noticed me when I made an entrance to The Pub because everyone was soooo intensely watching the football game that's on the big screen onstage between Manchester United and Manchester City. I'm not a football enthusiast so I don't really know what the fuss was all about and which team has the ball.

So I invited Aretha to play some pool with me. If you don't know about it, there's a pool table at the mezzanine floor of The Pub (where the VIPs usually have their private time). So anyway, for the past 2 and a half months that we've been here in KL, it's our first time to OWN the pool table - just because everyone else was busy watching the game - and also because, we couldn't start our 1st set on time because of the football game.

I missed playing pool. I used to play pool when I was a teenager. So anyway, I managed to show Aretha how I used to play pool back in the days - and I haven't lost my touch actually. I beat her twice during the 2 rounds of pool game. LOL! But it was a good bonding time with Aretha. We kept on laughing until I lost my voice! What we didn't know hat our voices were pretty much disturbing the intense game that the people were watching downstairs. The looks on the faces of the guests when we went down after the games - football and pool - were priceless. Until Marl told us, "your voices were really loud, you know!". LOL.

Tonight was a great Saturday night even though we started later than usual at almost 10PM. The crowd picked up around 11PM and by midnight the place was fully packed again. But I was feeling a little discomfort on stage because... I had an indigestion. LOL. I had spicy Penne Pasta for dinner but I think I ate too fast - hence, indigestion. I couldn't burp at all. But after a couple of wine and a few fun songs and a very long and loud burp (no one heard it anyway LOL), I was in my element again. :)

Lots of my friends were in their element tonight, too, because Manchester United won the football match... WEEEEEEEE! I'm happy for them! :) As for Aretha, she said she would practise more on her pool moves to beat me next time. Let's see...

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