Forcedly Squeezed

We never expect Fridays to be fully packed since our weekend crowd nowadays is usually divided to two party nights of the weekend - Friday and Saturday. As from our observation, when it's full on Friday, it's not that busy on Saturday, and vice versa. But sometimes, both nights get busy. But still it's very unpredictable.

Tonight was a busy night and lots of regular guests plus some new faces, too. I guess, after URB is back in town for more tan 2 months now, news is spreading like wild fire which only proves that the best marketing tool that's inexpensive is 'word of mouth'.

But we got bothered all night by the sound system. Music has become so noisy and very unpleasant to the ears and our vocals are not doing much justice to some songs. Why is it that when we are comfortable with the sound system, something would happen and have it changed? Errrr... not pointing finger at anyone here. It's just that, when everything is running smoothly, something unexpected would happen. But that's life - expect the unexpected.

There's this one 'makulit' guy who kept on shouting after each and every song - to show his appreciation. Flattering, yes. But he's just toooooo loud lah! I never talked to him in the past because I see that he always drinks jugs of beer. My tolerance in talking to drunkards and cigar smoker has lessen in the past years and I'm easily ticked off when my 'space' is disturbed by such individuals. Anyway, he would always pull Aretha to dance with him - except tonight. He decided to pull me and before I knew it - I was already locked in his arms squeezing every vein in my chest and torso. Imagine, I was flat-chested for a couple of minutes. That tight! But did I have any other choice? Nah. *rolls eyes*.

Looking on the brighter side... what's great about tonight was having our friends at The Pub and making new ones. Hope they continue their 'word-of-mouth'. Me love.

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Unknown said...

Great blog, Sarita. It's nice to hear what else goes on during those crazy nights. The videos and tweets just can't tell the whole story.

One day, I'll need to see you LIVE and experience it all for myself. Wishful thinking though!