These are my fave pair of earrings that were caught stuck in my accessories kit. It just wouldn't come off from being stuck in my accessories kit - just when I wanted to wear it - however hard I pulled it from the kit. But when I went back to it in a more relaxed and patient mood and in a time when I don't need it, it just came off easily.

Which taught me something in life.

Whenever I feel stuck in a situation or in an awkward situation, I let time do its magic. I don't force it to fade away nor sit in a corner of the room and weep. For every little thing has its own place in the right time. Every problem has its own solution. You may not have it in your hands right now, but it will eventually come to you.

And when that time finally comes, you'd be soooo relieved - just like the way I felt when my earrings let go from being stuck.

PS: I'm dedicating this post to my sis, Melfay, and to all of you out there who are feeling "stuck".

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