Politically Induced Snow in Beijing

Last November 1st, it snowed in Beijing (see my earlier post & video). Although it wasn't our first snow in China, it was out first snow in Beijing. We (kinda) enjoyed the day that we even went to the Zhizuyan Park to capture some nice "snow" scene. Only to learn the day after that it was actually a politically induced snow! They had to induce snow because of the drought in Northern China which is affecting a lot of people. Also, the Beijing air really needs to be "cleaned". What a revolutionary way to clean the air!

My reaction upon knowing this? It sent shiver down to my spine, not because of the coldness it brought, but simply because I couldn't believe it. I guess I can consider myself lucky by not touching it coz God knows what they had put in it.

It snowed last Monday again and the weather forecast continues that it'll snow again one of these days.

Now I wouldn't know what is real anymore. I feel like I'm in a real Truman Show.

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