iPhone and me

When I have a quiet time in the bed, while waiting for the sheeps to start passing by so I could count them, and hubby is still on his desk, I never failed to grab my iPhone and let it put me to sleep. I can do almost anything with this little powerful device - except make coffee.

"What do you do with your iPhone most of the time?", you ask. I have installed some of my favorite addictive games like Sally's Salon, Sally's Spa, Cooking Dash, Cooking Quest, Wedding Dash, Chocolate Shop Something, etc. I have played most of these games over and over again until I get the expert score. And I have only finished Sally's Salon with expert scores so I still have lots of late nights to do the rest.

I miss blogging with it, but I figured out that my nonsense blurtz belong to my Twitter (@saritaonline). But with times like this when I have so much things in my mind to share with you guys, blogging is better. Or I'll lose followers on Twitter. LOL

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Ronniedare said...

Blogging and tweeting really comes along together? eh?

Followed you!