Birthday collaboration videos - times TWO!

I feel so grateful to be included in this massive birthday collaboration that was made for my very good friend on Youtube and someone that I really look up to and is one of my inspirations to do better in my video editing... Jason Telmo a.k.a. Chinaeyes22 (on YT) who works for ABS-CBN. His birthday falls on 4th of June. This great birthday video is done by another great video editor, Reggie Soriano a.k.a. RegiSor94.

And after a month...

Another birthday collaboration was made vice versa. Jason Telmo made a whopping birthday video collaboration for his (and my) good friend, Reggie Soriano. What's great (or odd?) is Reg's birthday falls on Aug.12. Of all the 365 days, he's got the same birthday as Marl! :-) Anyway, Jason managed to get 70 friends (and channels) to join this uberly massive birthday video for Reggie, that it was even divided to two parts. See my bit on Part 2.

Check out their Youtube channels: RegiSor94 & ChinaEyes22

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