Our 1st performance in Beijing

When we arrived in the hotel on July 16th at 5PM, they all thought that we were going to perform straight away looking like sh*t. Because that's what was written on our poster - to perform starting July 16, 2009. But we said "no" and the management was understanding enough to accept that and let us rest for the night.

Our first night performance at the Cloud Nine Bar of Shangri-La Hotel Beijing was just last night (Friday), July 17. It wasn't bad at all, but since we are new here, we don't know anybody in the audience, we don't know what they like, and we don't have any idea of what musical approach we should do. But the evening went well unbelievably. The first 3 sets were easy for a crowd that's mostly local Chinese. The last set was VERY easy as there wasn't any guests left anymore except for one French guy who loves Spanish songs. LOL.

Hope we'll able to pull in crowds and regulars. But for the meantime, we'll have to concentrate on learning more Chinese songs.

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