On Michael Jackson's Memorial

I honestly think that it was the most moving thing I've ever seen on TV that led me crying nonstop (oh well, almost nonstop) for almost 3 hours. It's such a beautiful memorial that has united the world within those hours.

Everything about it was soooo moving. I loved the speeches and the performances. Brooke Shields' story about her life with MJ was so moving. Usher's "Gone Too Soon" and Jermaine Jackson's "Smile" performances just had me pulling plies of tissue from its box. But what really got me was when his daughter, Paris Katherine, spoke how good a father he was. I felt her pain and that really just made me WAIL. And I guess, so did the whole world.

While they were escorting MJ's casket out of the Staples Center, the sight of an empty space on stage with a spotlight and microphone on its stand while the music of "Man In The Mirror" playing in the background... is just priceless.

I do believe that MJ has touched most of the lives, not only in my generation, but those young and old, rich and poor, and yes, black and white.

"I'm gonna make a change, for once in my life". And I feel I've been changed.

Thank you, MJ... Rest in peace, the only King of Pop...

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