MelFay The Documentarian

One of my adopted sisters in KL, MelFay, has been our documentarian (thanks to Reggie Soriano for that word LOL) especially while we were there during the past contract. She would take our performance videos for her Youtube channel and photos to capture everything. And thanks to her, she was even able to capture the fun times we had during our last night performance at Shangri-La KL last July 15, 2009. Mummy Evelyn, her mom, was just in time to catch our last nigRhts in KL. And we're so happy that we were able to see her. MelFay and her 3 other siblings have been my adopted sisters since 1997, when they were used to be brought by their mom, whom I call Mum, every week when we used to perform at the Concorde Hotel in KL.

To view the fun photos (where most of the really funny fun pics are towards the end of the album), please CLICK HERE.
To view our performance videos, check out MELFAY86's YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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Unknown said...

Yay! Melfay deserves so much credit for her vids of the URB Band.

So helpful for those of us who wish we could see the performances LIVE!