I saw Arianna Teoh

Just before we began singing last night, I saw an old friend who's a former Malaysian beauty queen, Ms. Arianna Teoh. She looked so frail because of her skinnier than skinny body. But you still can't deny that she's such a beautiful woman. In fact, a VERY beautiful woman. Glad that she told me that she got sick and just recovering. Just didn't ask what she was sick of as it's a more personal stuff to ask and besides, I was running late for our 1st set.

We chatted about her events. Yes, she produces concerts of international famous stars like Il Divo in 2007. We had the chance to mingle with Il Divo then every night as they watched us perform. We were also fortunate to take some photos with them. Recent concert she has organized succesfully was Sarah Brightman on March this year.

And I was sooooo excited when she told me that the next thing in her calendar of events is to bring my idol Lea Salonga in July! Wow!!! I have just been tweeting with Lea Salonga through her @bigsis222 account on Twitter last week. And yes, she does answer tweets. :-)

So anyway, back to the topic, I had to cut my conversation with Arianna short because we had to start our 1st set. I forgot to ask about her husband, Alex Yoong, who is a famous race driver and is now hosting The Checkered Flag during F1 season on Star Sports, along with Paula Malai Ali. In 2006, we went to the A1 Grand Prix to support him by yelling whenever his car would pass by the grandstand where we were sitting. Oh well...

We were on our 2nd or 3rd song when Arianna stood up to leave. I waved at her then guess who I saw? Alex Yoong! And I was soooooo glad and flattered when he actually waved back at us - he remembers us!!! Yayyyyy!

That's all. Wait, I'm putting up the pics that we took in 2007 - just in case you wanna see her & Il Divo, too LOL. So I'm going to sleep now. Really. No more tweeting til I wake up! LOL.
Il Divo's Sebastien and me

Marl & Sebastien
Il Divo's Carlos and me
Carlos with Marlou and me
Me with the sweet Arianna Teoh


~*.*~ SaRiTa ~*.*~ said...

Sorry, I couldn't resolve the photos' size :-(

leasalongafan said...

When and where would the concert be? Is this confirmed already? Thanks!

Ariel said...


Where the concert for Lea gonna be ? Please tell me it gonna be in KL !! I wanna go!