Nasty insomnia

We, musicians, are known for sleeping late. There are few lucky ones who would sleep after their gig, experience eating breakfast and considered as a normal person. We're not freaks but insomnia is one of the things that musicians have been dealing with, or tolerating.

When we reached KL in January 2009, I could manage sleeping at 2AM. After 3 months, my bedtime is now changed as late... errr, early as 6AM! And yes, now it's past 8AM as of this writing.

I guess it's ok when I consider my job. My job is at night. Not the graveyard kind-of-shift, but I need a lot of energy & presence of mind in my job. But healthwise, it's not okay. I have lots of health supplements anyway. LOL.

Hohummm... I just yawned... Guess... it's... time... to... zzzzzz

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