My video "My White Xmas" muted on Youtube

Videos being muted got around YouTube since December 2008. Those videos are muted because of using copyright music. This has discouraged a lot of YouTubers who have given a lot of time and effort to their videos being submitted online.

And I am one of the latest victims.

Apparently, the "Winter Wonderland" instrumental that I used for my video "My White Xmas" which was uploaded to YouTube last December 2008. And I just read the warning lately, I don't know how long it's been sitting inside my "Account" page on YouTube.

It suggested me to Audioswap instead so that they'll allow it to be online again. Not that it is getting lots of views but man, I've really exerted a lot of time and effort in editing that one. The slow motion effect on that video had me using an iMovie HD app than my usual iMovie app. So I did "audioswapped" to another Christmas tune that's available for use from their Audioswap playlist. I'm just lucky that I have put some written captions on the video.

If you want to know what I'm talking about, check out the video after it's been approved by Youtube and after they upload it back to my account. If THIS LINK works, then they've already approved it. If not, who the hell knows why??!

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