Dom Perignon and a touch of blood

We had a great night at work last night. But after our work, we were drinking with a VIP guest who had 2 beautiful girls with him. Guess what we were drinking? Yes, Dom Perignon. We finished around 3 bottles of Dom and had to stay in the lobby until 4AM. Apparently, our guest owns the big, black, 10-wheeler Hummer that is parked outside the hotel. Yes, the beast owns THE beast!

One of the beautiful girls was REALLY drunk. She would always pass out in the seat and in the toilet. So her girlfriend decided to call it a night and helped her get up and walk towards the lift. They both fell - out of balance - while taking the steps from the lounge and the drunk girl hit the marble wall. OMG! I rushed and saw blood gushing out of her forehead. I panicked and didn't know what to do. Called the duty manager and let them deal with her. As for me, I had blood in my arms. :-(

Good for us, our daughter was with our friend Abba in the room. They were just watching some movies and doing some "tricks" (from the book). I went to bed at around 5AM while Twitting with my iPhone. God, I'm addicted to Twitter!

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