network websites are blocked in China

While moderating PMN just now, I noticed that there was a big drop to the number of people online. Then I was told by a friend that she couldn't login to PMN or any social network sites and she's been trying for hours. What a shame! Hopefully, they'll all come to their senses and leave Ning alone. Not happy about this at all! :-(

For now, please enjoy as a proxy site for PMN or any related blocked site in China. Glad we're out of there!

Posted by ShoZu

UPDATE: The Ning networks/sites are still blocked at this time and I highly recommend the link I provided above.
How it works? You go to and find that ONLY "web" image within the page and click it. An address bar will be shown and then type the URL of the site you want to unblock. In this case, type on that magic address bar. See you at PMN!

Originally posted on February 19, 2009.


shanghai fun said...

Ning is blocked in China

Yes this sucks, but it was ` bound ` to happen, sadly Ning had allowed some anti Beijing pro taiwan Independence networks such as , plus some of the porn networks before they decided to kick them off.If they want to do business in China they will have NO choice but to adjust their policy , China doesn't change for us, we have to adjust for them, and after all it is almost the biggest potential market in the world, Ning is an excellent platform and we alll hope to see it back on here!,and yes my ning networks were blocked also.


Anonymous said...

Anyone have an update on this?

This is Day 9 or so for us to be blocked. thanks.