New lunar year after the new year

Few days or weeks ago, whenever we'd say "Happy New Year" to some Chinese friends, they'd reply "not yet". Now, it's definitely appropriate to greet everyone a "Happy New Year"!

The 1st day of the year of the ox was great. We started with a lunch in a vegetarian restaurant with my godmom and friends. We then went back to her house to chill out. At around 3PM, the Indonesian masseuse arrived. Marl had an hour massage, I had an hour and a half and Aretha had half an hour massage. You follow me? :-/

So anyway, as other people enjoyed being massaged, I'm one of those rare persons that don't enjoy massages, especially reflexology. The masseuse did an accupressure and kneading techniques. I wasn't able to relax the whole time because it was painful - the whole time! But it was relaxing AFTER the massage. :-)

We then went back to the hotel. I haven't been feeling well since Sunday and just needed a much-deserved rest...

Good night & Gong Xi Fa Cai! :-)

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