Missin' part

Sure we are thrilled and excited that we are once again - well, for the 6th time - back at the Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur. But like our regular guests, we miss performing on top of the hotel bar, 12 feet up in the air.

They have removed the stage that brought good luck to the lounge for more than 7 years. It was surely something that made Shang KL unique. Now, it's just like any other lobby lounges you can find in your area. Nothing much special about it anymore and that has shooed the regular guests away.

But, URB Band is back so let's try to liven up the place a li'l bit!

Our first 2 nights were a sure disaster for a band who has filled the lounge almost every night during our previous contracts here. They have changed the concept and had us wearing long gowns, instead of something that people have grown accustomed to.

One thing is for sure, though. We are the URB Band and we do what our job requires us to do. And great entertainment is one sure thing you'll get from us.

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