Activated GPRS on DiGi

Since we still don't have easy internet access from our room, I'm trying out the GPRS feature on my new DiGi number. I just had it activated few minutes ago. Asked the customer service about the charges and was told that I'll be charged RM 0.10 per 10 kilobytes. But if I would spend more than RM 149 on GPRS charges alone, my GPRS usage thereafter will be free for life! Well, until I have the same number, of course.

Why did I do this? Coz I have a lot to say and a lot to do online. Love blogging so instead of me dressing up and going down the lobby lounge to catch a WiFi signal, I can just stay in our room and blog while lying down on the bed surrounded by my fluffy pillows. Talk about convenience!

I even did a reset on my iPhone's usage so I could track how much data is received and sent. Hmm, I wonder how many bytes this blog post would be...

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