Our 1st White Christmas

Marl and I on our first White Christmas

Jboy, Sarita and Pam

Eskimos Jboy and Marl - and the naked Mother & Child statues covered in snow

Marl on the street of Qingdao

Smiiiile... though my fingers are aching...

It snowed this morning. I just had an hour sleep and Marl woke me up to tell me that the ground was pure white of snow. It didn't excite me much as I just got into the alpha mode of my sleep. But still he managed to drag me out of the bed and he had me put my winter clothes on.

We had fun during the first few minutes in the snow. It was nice to see the kids running in the park within our subdivision, making their own snowman and throwing snowballs to their friends. Everyone was happy, including me. With Marl beside me, it looked like a perfect white Christmas.

But the cold started to bite my fingers off! Then it went numb eventhough I wore a pair of gloves and I even thought that I have lost my nose. Our DJ Jboy and lobby singer Pam followed us in the park and of course, we had to smile for the camera and laugh amidst the biting cold. I was so thankful when we were leaving the park, I couldn't wait to get back in my room. But, oh no! Marl suggested that we hit the seaside infront of Silver Garden to take some photos of the snowy shore. Darn! I had no choice, but keep my hands inside the pockets of my jeans. Again, "smile for the camera" eventhough I was starting to get a little grumpy because of the cold.

When we went back home, I plugged in the hairdryer and just heated my hands and feet up. Who ever thought that a white Christmas is THE perfect Christmas?!?! No way! Sorry to burst your bubble, guys, but if you haven't celebrated Christmas in the Philippines, then you haven't had a perfect Christmas yet.

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