I've been featured on Christmas Chaos video

Reggie Soriano is one of the Fil-Am's I've met on Youtube recently and who was also featured in Jason Telmo's NoyTube and Christmas Collaboration videos. Reggie is a great video editor.

Anyway, I am so flattered that I got featured in his great Christmas Chaos video with Samurye72.

With NoyTube, Christmas Collaboration, IWAY and now Christmas Chaos - I'm getting more and more friends and subscribers on Youtube! Thanks, Reg!


Unknown said...

Sarita, you sweetheart! Featured on YOUR site? Thanks so much!

I'm already honored to have your support, adding you to my video as only natural. Thanks for the honor right back.

Wishing you the best holiday wishes for you and your family!


~*.*~ SaRiTa ~*.*~ said...

You're very much welcome, Reg!