Chic Nite @ Q bar and Winter Ball in Qingdao

It was a great night overall. We were dressed in our Chinese traditional dresses or "Chi Pao" because it was Chic Nite at the Qbar. The staff were not only in their Chi Pao's but also they were madeover beautifully, just like how Chinese women looked in the old Shanghai days.

The guests then came from the Winter Ball 2008 at the Shangri-La ballroom. The women were all dressed so elegantly in their expensive long gowns. The gentlemen came in their tux, bow tie and the likes. They all look so beautiful.

We had a different pole dancer tonight, much to the delight of the bar's patrons. And everyone was just in a party mood: drinking, laughing and dancing.

It was indeed a great winter evening. Brrrrrr!!!

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