Mel & Joey in Malaysia

The famous TV show called "Mel & Joey" featured Malaysia as one of their 4 destinations for their 4th year anniversary. I've watched it over the internet and I must admit that I'm proud to say that I have actually been to the places they've featured on the show.

And I'm extremely proud that 2 of the featured "successful Filipinos" in Malaysia are people that I know of. The first one was our lady boss, Cherina Vergara-Chacko, the wife of our agent John Chacko. Her entertainment agency was featured which has helped a lot of FIlipinos in securing jobs in top hotels outside of the Philippines. The interview was shot in their home. I feel so proud of Ate Cherie, who's also the godmom of our daughter Selena and who brought Selena to Malaysia for the first time when she was still 4 years old.

I also saw a couple of my friends from the Venture band being featured on the show as they perform at the Concorde Hotel KL. And my friend Anita's band was also featuring rehearsing in the studio.

Another successful Filipino featured was Princess Becky Leogardo, who has been one of our guests when we used to play at the Concorde Hotel KL in 1997 & 1998. In fact, when we started playing at the Shangri-La Hotel KL, she asked the staff to call me during one of my breaks and even introduced herself to me and asked me if I could still remember her. She's very humble despite the fact that she's one of the successful women in Malaysia and this is regardless of nationality. She managed to build a beauty empire and now she has more than 300 outlets selling her beauty products, BML, all over Malaysia.

To watch the said episode of "Mel and Joey in Malaysia" which was mostly dubbed in Tagalog, CLICK HERE.

PS: Thanks to Moises for the information about this.

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