iPhone Guru... Yes, I am!

I've been reading stuff about iPhone since it was first launched in July 2007. I managed to get myself an iPhone Classic in May 2008. Then a whole new world began.

I am a member of Philmug and an active member of Applei. Last Monday, I helped a friend restore her new iPhone Classic which she had accidentally updated via iTunes. With a little help from my friends in Applei (thanks Aws3ya!), my friend's iPhone was restored in all its glory! Well, I must account most of that to myself! Hahaha!

Last night, someone logged on to Applei in a verge of panic and anger because his cousin updated his iPhone to firmware 2.1. I was there and I tried to help. And his iPhone was restored, too, but without a signal! LOL. I was waiting for him to update me on what's happening but he seemed to have disappeared. Maybe he figured out a solution.

There you go, now I'm an iPhone guru and I will keep on helping people with their iPhone troubles. Then maybe soon, it can also be a daytime job for me! LOL

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