Youtube Dilemma

I'm facing a dilemma that I haven't faced before. The Youtube Dilemma. I have had my channel in Youtube for 2 years now, saritac, and have uploaded some of the fun videos that I'd like to share with you all. Recently, I found a way to do live broadcasts via iPhone via Flixwagon. It has a feature that uploads my Flix videos to my Youtube channel. So a few days ago, I created a different Youtube account, saritaflix, solely for my Flix videos. And I started inviting friends to it and getting subscribers now. Until it hit me - BANG! Why can't I just maintain my main, saritac, and just create playlists so people won't be bored with browsing pages of videos from me and trying to find a performance, a family vid, or my infamous maze pranks to my friends.

Soooooo now, I'm facing a dilemma... to keep saritaflix (youtube) or not? It's hard to maintain accounts. I tend to forget my userID and password easily. So should I keep saritaflix (youtube) or not? Hmmm?

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