My birthday hoopla

If you haven't heard the news yet, I turned freakin' 30 last Monday! LOL

Anyway, it all started on Sunday morning (after Saturday gig) when my friend Cheche and Jboy took the initiative to buy an extra-large pizza and had 4 candles for me. There were also few finger foods that Cheche proudly made. The celebration was also for my friend Ann who had her last working night on Saturday. The mini gathering lasted until around 4AM.

The next day, on Sunday, nothing much happened until when we were at the gig. Because public holiweek (it's not only a day, so can't say holi-day LOL) was already coming, Sunday looked like a real weekend as everyone was in a weekend mood to party. Especially me! At midnight, as I had already expected it, they sang a birthday song for me and Shangri-La management even gave me a very nice chocolate cake! Yummy!

On Monday, on my birthday itself, Marl and I went to Badaguan with our Chinese professional photographer as I did my birthday photoshoot. I had fun and was so excited with the shots. You can the one taken from Marl's Canon G9 here and I'm going to upload the shots of my photog-friend soon. (FYI, I can't believe I'd look that beautiful in them!)

On Monday night, my friends and I hit the Qingdao Beer Festival. We had lamb chops on stick and drinks first. My friends from Eurostar Carnival gave me a 4 Ride-All-You-Can tickets for me and my friends. At first, no one wanted to go with me because I'm the only thrill rider. All of them were the Carousel and Bump Car riders. But I managed to convince them to go on a ride called Tagada. Boy, that was fun! Will post the videos soon.

I really enjoyed my birthday this year, as usual. I thought it would be less exciting since I'm approaching the mid-lifestyle. But hey, life begins at 40 so I still have 10 more years till I get to experience the grand life of mankind!

Thanks again for all the greetings!

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