Rested well

After a long time, I must admit that I have rested well last night. Yes, we were on vacation for 2 weeks but we weren't really "resting" all the time. In fact, our daily schedule during that time was really toxic. Manila-Cebu-Boracay-Manila. But it was such a great with the family. Our daughter Selena enjoyed her time in Boracay. I made her skip school for a week, their 1st periodical test is over anyway. Oh, and she's top 7 in her class of 49 (students - have to make it clear that they're 49 in the class because her friend Princess only have 6 classmates in her class at Brent International School in Boracay!).

So, our first day back to work was very good considering we all didn't have much rest since our midnight flight from Manila on Monday night.

Our GM, Mr. Frank Wen, had his farewell party at 6PM yesterday at the Qbar. We only had to sing 2 songs and they were kind enough to give us a room in the hotel after the party so we could all rest well before we went back to work at 8:30PM.

Because I was so tired last night, I just checked my mails and went to slumberland and ZzzzZZZzz myself away. It's great to wake up in the morning again and not think of where to go and what to do for the day. Oh, we'll have soundcheck, our sound system sucked big time last night. :-)

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