In Manila!

Hey guys! I know it would sound surprising to some of you to learn
that I'm in Manila right now! :-) We're having our 2-week holiday and
I wouldn't want to waste a minute of it - I'm spending quality time
with my daughter, Selena. She didn't know we were coming back and so
she was surprised when I woke her up after midnight of Monday. Was
she glad!

We're taking a trip to Cebu and make a short trip to Boracay
(yeyyyy!) before we come back to Manila again. I'm having a mini-show
at my friend's bar, Habitz, in Quezon City on September 13, 2008. How
could I say 'no' to a dear friend?!? He's already done the posters 3
hours after I said 'yes'. And have contacted the dancers who will
back me up. It'll just be a 30-minute show. My friends and family are
thrilled to know about this.

Will blog more soon... stay tuned!

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