Thank you, God... Thank you, Universe

I'm blogging this while stuck in a traffic jam on a taxi along Roxas Blvd. under a raging typhoon at Signal #2...

It's midday but it felt like we've had too much of an adventure today after a great time in Cebu & a fantastic holiday in Boracay.

Woke up at 7:30AM this morning & left Ronnie's house an hour later to the Cagban port to ride a pumpboat to Caticlan. We had breakfast first before we decided to check in for our 11:35AM flight. But we got offered to take the 10:35AM flight so we were more than eager to board the Cebu Pacific flight 5J 898.

Little did we know that a very traumatic experience was about to happen. The weather was gloomy in Boracay since yesterday afternoon, but our take-off was okay. We had fun during their inflight fun game & I also bought a souvenir sling bag, just for keepsake. But no one told us that there was a typhoon in Manila. No one.

While we were making our final descent to Manila, we were experiencing unusual air packet on the plane. Before it landed, our plane had to make couple of turns because of the strong wind. Our plane tilted badly on its left while it was making its third attempt. We were so scared that we'd be hitting the ground as I was seeing the gray skies though the left window and the runway on the left. I think the left wing of the plane was only a couple meters away from touching the ground.

For a couple of seconds, I looked at my daughter who was scared as I was. There I was on the plane with my family, back from a very great holiday which bonded us well, memories flashing so fast as everyone thought, "this is it, I'm gonna die here". The captain made the right decision to take-off again before the left wing touched the ground. Our plane soared through the strong wind and once again, we were hundreds of meters away from the ground. At this point, I saw everyone's reaction, all their faces were as pale as mine. Everyone had their expression of relief from that supposed traumatic landing.

Everyone was really quiet on the plane, holding our breath, as our plane tried to battle the strong winds that hit our small plane. It was trying real hard to land the plane. For a moment there, I was wished that we can fly longer in the air until the typhoon is finished. I wished and wished, but to no avail. The plane was making its attempt to land again. I closed my eyes as our plane tilted on its left then on its right until BAM! I closed my eyes. The plane's wheels hit hard on the ground but hey, we made it! We're all alive, nobody's hurt.

Come to think of it, we were one of the last passengers because we were NOT supposed to be on that plane at all. We were supposed to be on the next flight, but since they could accommodate few more seats, they politely asked us if we wanted to take an earlier flight.

But glad we're safe back home. Everyone aboard that flight 5J 898 must have felt lucky to come home even Manila was flooded everywhere.

Well... as for me, I'm finishing off this blog on my Mac, connected to a verrrry slow dial-up connection...

PS: Thank you, God... Thank you, Universe...

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