The Guy That Ruined The Night

As you can see from my previous blog entries, I was ecstatic, elated, overjoyed, and overwhelmed while watching the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony on TV. Everyone at the Qbar were glued as we showed the opening ceremonies on the flat screens all over the bar. But most of the people came because they were expecting us to play. But in respect to those who wants to see this historical event, we didn't perform until past 11PM after the athletes' parade. Everyone was in a good mood, they want to party and I was in my element.

We were just on our 5th song when suddenly, a Singaporean was asking us to stop playing. But since we were playing to the delight of most of the guests who came there to watch us, we continued. That guy, carrying a glass of draft beer, still continued shouting and I heard him shouting "STUPID!" at us. I stopped singing and put my hand on my waist. I couldn't believe what I just heard! We're stupid coz we're doing our job?!? Or we're stupid because we didn't follow him?!? Who the hell do he think he is to call us stupid?!? By this time, Marl cut the music and I was fuming mad. I spoke on the mic, "I'm sorry, we're just following orders and we are not stupid!". To which, Marlou said, too, "Don't call us stupid!".

I went down from the stage and called Marco, our bar manager, and told him about the situation in between sobs. Nobody has ever called me stupid just because I'm doing my job. While I was talking to my friends Shirley and David, who cheered me up with his magic coin tricks - thankfully, I saw the 2 guys (Singaporean and Australian) come up to the stage where Marl was, and apologized. I intended not to be seen because I really wouldn't know how I should react.

Marco came up to me and apologized to me. He then asked me if I want the guys to apologize to me, to which I replied, "I can only accept his apology, if he will allow me to tell him that he's a f*cking asshole!!! Then maybe I'd feel better!". Marco didn't dare to let the guys come near me anymore. LOL

In the first place, if he wants undisturbed viewing of the opening ceremony, he should have just done what the locals did - stay at home and watch it! Why go to a bar where you know there's a DJ and a band playing every night? Besides, since most of the locals were at home, most of the guests in the bar last night were foreigners. We don't understand a thing they were saying on the TV because it was in Chinese. Oh, yeah he's Singaporean maybe he can speak Mandarin. But that Aussie guy with him, who hid his tail under his ass after realizing how stupid he was to backup his Singaporean friend, can he speak and understand Chinese language? No!

I've said this last night and I'm saying this again. China has really gained prestige and respect all over the world with its spectacular opening ceremony. It's the best I've seen and it made me cry with so much joy. Not to mention having goosebumps all through out the performances! But this Singaporean guy shouting "Have a respect to China!", does he really know the meaning of respect??!? Yes, we do have high respect for China. Shouting at people who are doing their jobs, is that what you call respect??!? He better go back to school and read his textbooks to know the real value of respect.

Being the frontperson of the band, I can't allow this happen to us. I, too, step my foot forward on behalf of all Filipino musicians. We are here to entertain people, to being joy in their lives. We have sacrificed being away from our family and loved-ones because we are working very hard to give them better future. We don't deserve to be treated unfairly. Nobody can step down on us and bring us down. Not even that Singaporean guy with a draft of beer in his hand all night.

As the world has seen the official opening of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, those two idiots from Singapore and Australia (yes, I remember their faces very well!) have officially ruined everybody's night. But only for a while. Because they're forgettable. They don't even deserve a little bit of respect from me. All they deserve right now is a finger that says it all! A$$holes!

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