IMPORTANT: What's the deal with the real?

If you’re seeing the Tripod Lycos bar on top, that means you’re surfing on my DUPLICATE website on Tripod, which I have made specially for my friends in China.

The REAL SaritaOnline is residing on .Mac which can’t be accessed in China. For whatever reason, right after paying receiving my .Mac one-year renewal as a gift from a dear friend, the Great Firewall of China or GFC, has blocked all sites from .Mac.

However, only the websites are blocked. So if you encounter any sites starting with sorry, the GFC has got it before you do.

To my surprise, I just found out yesterday that all published galleries on .Mac are still accessible. If you’ve got galleries up on .Mac, they can still be accessed in China.

So if you’re in China, go ahead and bookmark, or simply write my site as simple as on your browser.
If you’re OUTSIDE of the Great Firewall of China, you can bookmark Don’t worry, updates on both sides are simultaneously done - until further notice.

Have a nice day everyone!

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