A Mac switcher

I'm soooooo sorry if I have neglected my website or blog for quite a while. Lots of things have happened around here, around people I love and I guess I just had to step up and take care of the "business". I'm no quitter, that's for sure, hahaha!

One of the exciting things I want to share with you is - I'm now a Mac user! Yayyyyy! I got my first Mac - a sleek black Macbook - yesterday. It was ordered online in the US but delivered to China via UPS and so here I am, blogging my first entry from my "Blackbook". I do admit I felt like an idiot when I first used it but once you get your way around it, I'm sure I'm gonna be inseparable with it. I'm already lovin' it!!!

Ok, to those who are complaining about the QINGDAO PICTURES... alright, on the way!!! Now that I've got my Blackbook already, there's no more stopping me!!!

Watch out, MacWorld!

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