It's been raining the whole day of Friday. Fortunately for me, it stopped mid-afternoon as I did some little grocery at Carrefour. I bought my first umbrella in Qingdao. It's checkered brown, I like it. Guess I'll be needing it more often. Picked up some money at Western Union and walked all the way to Jusco to buy something then went back home.

We had to leave the house at 5:30PM because we have a function. And it was an opportunity to use my new umbrella since it was raining. Aside from the function, we also had to play 5 sets tonight being it a weekend. Pfffffttttt! We didn't have the usual weekend crowd that we have. In fact, it felt more like a weeknight with mostly new faces in sight.

After performance, we were ready to go home but... OMG! It's pouring heavily outide and there was no taxi. There were even couple of guests waiting for taxi. Luckily, Ian of Qingdao Magazine (formerly Redstar) was kind enough to let us hitch on his taxi ride back home. Thanks, Ian!

My umbrella is now resting & drying itself up near the main door... Getting ready for another rainy adventure...

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