Shangri-La Qingdao's 10th Year Anniversary

It was indeed a long day for me. Woke up at around 12 noon to prepare for the final rehearsal with the ex-comm members (executive commitee - hotel management team) for their performance for the anniversary party.

It's not really a staff party, but rather an appreciation party for the hotel's clients and regular guests and friends. An appreciation party for the support for the past 10 years.

And forgive me I didn't blog about this, but I was asked to teach the management team a song. Actually, it took them quite a while to decide which song, debating on its significance to the occasion. They suggested the Beijing 2008 Olympic song, "We Are Ready". But I thought it was too long and would bore the audience. So I suggested, why not take a part from the Olympic song then segue it to a party song so that the mood will be better. Then I suggested to just take a part from the song by the Black Eyed Peas, "Let's Get It Started". It was really a great idea.

Teaching them the dance steps was kinda awkward. I mean, they're all my bosses! But I was glad that they weren't too bossy to be corrected when I taught them the dance. We had fun during our rehearsals with the "hip thrusting" move that I taught them. And it was really funny to see them try. Another amazing experience was the transition of them as they walked out of our rehearsal venues (ballroom or function room). Like the moment we exited the door and wore their coats, they wear their badge as bosses. It was kinda funny to see it.

Another funny experience was when we had our hands on our props - light sticks - during our final rehearsal. It's supposed to be light sticks people wave at concerts. But when it was handed over to us, we all laughed. They're actually toys! Looks more like retractable sword/umbrella sticks with light inside (switchable). So one of them pretended it to be a gun like Indiana Jones. One of them started stabbing another member who pretended hit by it & almost fell on the floor. They were fun to look at. My senior managers! Playing at last!

So the affair started a bit late than scheduled, but it went perfectly alright. The affair was attended by its regular patrons and clients. It started off with a fashion show from the much taller female staff of the hotel, wearing all Chinese costumes from Qing Dynasty. Followed by a dance production and lucky draw. Then us! It was a great performance and I congratulated them for having a great fun up on stage and therefore giving a great show. Anyway, it might have been short - 2 minutes - but it was remarkable. We also performed 3 songs, just before we went back to Q-Bar to perform. It was really a great time and great performance.

Our Friday night at Q-Bar was really pumping. We got the party weekend crowd and the people wouldn't want to stop dancing. Most of the people from the function (the anniversary party) had an after-party party at Q-Bar. Even our GM was dancing and grooving on the dancefloor!

After the show, I was so tired that instead of drinking with our VIP guest, I ended up sleeping on the sofa. Got home around 4AM.

It was a loooong day indeed!

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