Black Eyed... Peace!

On Wednesday night, I was very much in my element that I was hyper up onstage (like I was never?!? LOL). We were asked to play an extra set by a group of our regulars and so we did. During the end of the night, we played some rock songs as requested, so we started banging our heads. As I said, I was in my element... and banged my head too much... too much that while my right leg was bended forward (imagine I was in a lunge position)... I banged my eye against my right knee!!! OUCH!!! F**K!!! I really saw some stars and at one point, I thought I was already bleeding from my cheekbones. Luckily, it was during the last minute of the show so after the show, I hurriedly asked Jacky, our gay staff, to get me some ice cubes. I was applying cold pressure on it as I was drinking with some guests. Classy! Hahaha!

When I woke up the next day, as I was going to the toilet to pee, I chanced upon myself in a mirror. I told you, I freaked out! Woke Marl up, who was having high fever, and showed him my black eye!!!

FYI, this is the 5th time that I got a black eye. First time was when I was around 9 years old and got hit by a tennis ball thrown to me by a playmate (who got a big-time scolding from my mom).

Second, was in highschool when I was hit by a softball while trying to catch it. Which got the attention of our male P.E. teacher! Hahaha! Yeah and he took care of my eye. Tsk tsk! Hahaha!

Third, fourth and fifth were caused by my damn knee. I'M TOO FLEXIBLE, haven't you thought about it

Lesson learned: Don't get too carried away! Kids, don't try to be too flexible at home! LOL

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