Trimmed and light

My locks have always been thick. Eventhouh I was blessed with a healthy jet-black hair, I have always wanted a lighter shade. And my profession has allowed me to do that. Played with my hair from bob cut to rebonding it to having it long enough to reach my waist.

I had my hair trimmed today in a salon behind Crowne Plaza. For a shampoo, trim and blow-dry, I paid Rmb40 (US$5). Not bad. But my thick and heavy tresses felt like a kilo lighter after being trimmed. In fact , when I looked down from my chair, I saw a bunch of hair on the floor which seemed a lot more than what's left on my head. Although there's not much change on its look, it definitely feels lighter. It does feel different banging it around.

It's Thursday, we had a great night. Kinda relaxed. Just what we really need this week.

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