Satisfied cravings for Nutella

I've been looking all over Qingdao's supermarkets like Carrefour, Jusco and the new MyKal for my favorite chocolate spread. I've been addicted to Nutella since my aunt from Germany sent me a box of it in the early 90's. I don't crave for it when I'm in KL or in the Philippines, but I don't know why, for some reason, I crave for Nutella when I'm in China. Maybe it's the sight of identical Chinese faces? Or maybe it's the too much MSG on my food? Or maybe... whatever!

I had to buy a Skippy peanut butter mixed with chocolate and a Cola Cao choco spread just to have the feel of that addictive taste of Nutella. But they're not even half as close as satisfying for my taste.

Maybe it was really my day as Marl took me out for a stroll as a post-Mother's Day date in the newest department store in Qingdao - Sunshine Plaza. We admired the branded stuff we saw and complained about its price at the same time. We then went to its tiny grocery of imported goods. My eyes lit up and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the thing that's been making my saliva gland work well - my Nutella. Oh Nutella!!!

I couldn't wait to go home and try it. Since it's made by Ferrero, the maker of my favorite chocolates Ferrero Rocher, I just dipped my finger in and put it in my mouth... ohhhh! The taste! The unbelievable taste. Brings back lots of memories when I used to wear my fringe with a kilo of hairspray for a tidal tissed-up wave!!! LOL.

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