Fashion Hair Party And Our New Home

We're supposed to move to the new unit in the afternoon. The renovation taking place on the floor above is really unbearable. I feel like the whole floor's going to collapse as we tried to sleep with earplugs in our ears. The lightsleeper among us, Marl, couldn't sleep at all and it has taken its toll on him. He's down with high fever and body aches. His body has not rested well enough, poor him! Since he can't take medications due to allergies, he had to do therapeutic massage and bottle-suck his back. I forgot what it's called. LOL.

It was a fun night at the Qbar. We had a theme party called Fashion Hair Party. There were hair stylists hired to do free hairstyle for the staff and the guests. Some were ridiculous and others were elegant like Jan's. Mine's playful & cute - I had 2 pigtails. I didn't want an up-do as I want to jump and shake all night long. And so did I.

There were couple of guests who joined our party by having their hair done or by doing crazy things with their hair. And my most fave one was my friend Don. He's really a fun guy and he proved it last night, by wearing a long hair wig over his bald head! When he went in the bar, I had to take a second look because he was unrecognizable. He looked like a really different person, more like a rock star on the 60's or 70's. Nice one, Don! You did make me brim the whole night. But we should have done the "stripping" stuff since I had lots of accessories last night. You would have let your hair "down" by the time I take off my stockings! Hahaha!

My feet were really aching by the end of the night. And we had to move our stuff from our old place to the new one. Although it's just 2 buildings away from each other (still in Silver Garden), there were too many stuff we had to carry. I mean, Jan and I. Marl was really down and I told him to rest. We just moved the stuff we really need and left the other stuff in the old place. It took us 3 trips - by foot - to move what we needed to move. Then we relaxed and went back to the old place to check emails and do our internet stuff.

The new unit is really NEW and beautiful and NEW and spacious (...and did I say new?), the view is to die for, you can see the ocean and I think I can even see the statue of Liberty from afar! Hahaha! The furnitures looked untouched and the floor is squeaky clean. But there's one MAJOR problem - there's no internet connection. We would love to move our internet here but the internet company is smart enough not to allow that. The CNC internet service provider has a fixed 6 months or 1 year on a "fixed" line. And that's literally "fixed". So that means, if we want to have an internet access, we'll have to apply for a new one again. Which is ridiculous because we won't be staying here in the new unit for long. We'll just wait until the renovation is finished then we are moving back in, say, in three weeks time? So If we need to use the internet, we'll just bring our laptops back to the old apartment and voila! It will be just like accessing internet in Starbucks - minus the coziness of course and the cute guys and girls lost in their cyberworld. And ours will be called STARBOX and we don't need the cute guys & girls because all we need is a mirror! Hahaha! Whaaaaatever!

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